Know Before You Go - Access and Platform Information 

In preparation for your participation, please take a few moments to setup your access and update your profile in our digital platform, Whova, prior to May 4, 2021.

1.  Visit the Whova Login Page
  • If you attended the UVSA 2018 or 2019 Annual Conference AND used the mobile app, you likely already have a Whova account. 
  • If you do not have an account, Go to “Don't have an account? Sign up here” on this screen

2.  Enter your name, email address that you received this email to and create a password
3.  Bookmark the page for easy reference

After you login you will be able to:

  • View the event agenda and plan your schedule
  • Access Sessions directly within the agenda and utilize the session Q&A
  • Learn about and connect with Speakers and Sessions
  • Set up Virtual Meet-ups with your fellow attendees to connect remotely
  • Create and connect with other attendees through various Discussion Topics in the Community Board
  • Get presentation documents and slides

Once you're signed up, you should be taken directly to our event.  Please contact me if you are unable to access at [email protected] 

Additional Tech Tips to Maximize Your Participation
We suggest that you use Chrome browser for the web app. Some streaming software may have compatibility issues with other browsers.  
If given option, select "Desktop/Laptop" for optimal viewing on your computer (rather than a mobile device)

See Who’s Attending:
1. Click the “Attendees” tab on the left side of the screen under Main Navigation.
2. At the top of the page, you can search attendees by keywords such as company name or title.
3. To start a conversation, click Send Message to begin a chat, to set up a video meeting with them, see the “Start of Join a Virtual Meetup” below.

Access Sessions
1. From the agenda list, click the session you want to watch the stream or video. There is a green camera icon for the sessions with streaming or video.
2. If the streaming screen directly shows up, click “Proceed” to start watching the stream. Otherwise click “View livestream” button to open a separate streaming page to watch.

Access Q&A:
1. Option 1: You can access three tabs on the right-hand side of the virtual session: Session Q&A, Chat, and Community. You can submit questions for the presenter through Session Q&A, participate in ongoing discussions with the other attendees viewing the session through Chat, and browse the Community Board function through Community
2. Option 2: You can use this function through the “Session Q&A” tab on the left-hand sidebar underneath Resources.

Join a Discussion:
Discussion Topics are created by the organizers in the Community section. To view and participate in a discussion:
1. Click the Community tab on the side menu to the left of the screen
2. Create a new conversation topic, or use existing topics like “Meet-ups.”
3. Click Follow directly next to the topics on the Community Board that you want to stay up to date with. To find the topics you’re following, choose between three tabs near the top of the topics list section: All Topics, Followed, and New Topics.

Start or Join a Virtual Meetup:
Attendees can set up virtual meeting rooms within the Whova app to chat on video one-on-one or in a group with other attendees.
1. Go to the Community Board, and find the board for Meet-ups and Virtual Meets.
2. Find the meetup you are interested in, join directly, or click into it to see more details, and then click “RSVP”
3. When the meetup starts, click “Join meeting room” to start chatting!
4. You can join existing meetups or create your own.

If you need more guidance on how to use Whova to attend the event, please visit Whova User Guides. (We recommend using the desktop app for this event)

Thank you to our Sponsors

Click HERE to view all the sponsors. 

United Veterinary Services Association
3465 Box Hill Corporate Ctr. Dr., Suite H Abingdon, MD 21009