COVID-19 Resources

Our goal over the next few months is to do all we can to help support our industry in the face of this crisis. Our focus will be on providing you with information you need to protect your business, your employees and your customers. 

Below you will find a list of resources that are available at this time.   We will update and add to this list as more information becomes available.  

A message from UVSA Executive Director, Jackie King. 

Association Resources

UVSA Webinars-  

(All UVSA webinars are available to members only.  You must have your username and password to access the content.)

  • Telemedicine and the Veterinary Virtual Care Association (VVCA) - Mark Cushing, Animal Policy Group
  • Overall State of Policy & Regulatory Affairs in Veterinary World since COVID-19 - Mark Cushing, Animal Policy Group
  • SBLC Webinar - CARES Act and Small Businesses
  • SBLC Webinar - Returning Employees to Work

Veterinary Economic Updates -

UVSA will be sharing weekly economic updates and monthly webinars over the next few months from Erupt LLC.   Updates will be shared weekly on Tuesday afternoons and webinars will take place on Wednesday afternoons once a month. 

VetWatch Resources-

UVSA is a proud sponsor of VetWatch, the veterinary profession’s premier resource center for news and information on the issues that matter most, providing real time information on critical trends and developments impacting the US veterinary medical profession.

Virox Webinars-

  • Coronavirus (COVID-19) in veterinary and animal group settings: Protecting people and animals
  • COVID-19: Best Practice Strategies Before, During and After the Pandemic 

 Animals & COVID-19

Useful Links

Centers for Disease Control Resources 

World Health Organization (WHO) Guidance

National Association of Manufacturers (NAM) Resources

State Re-Opening Map

Johns Hopkins Coronavirus Resource Center

IRS Tax Information

Small Business Coronavirus Relief Options